The MODERNIST Reward Bank holds exclusive and highly unique collector rewards based on the character type collected and stitched. They are unlocked from the collection treasury via raffles that happen at certain points in time of the future roadmap. Speed and cleverness are the virtues of success to take home the big wins.

Club Mode Example

Level 04

No matter if a reward was unlocked and won, or you just missed it, the biggest reward of all is a life changing MŌDE PASS with access to CLUB MŌDE. It is the highest membership tier with the biggest utility and value.

Everyone who stitch mints perfect MODERNISTS gets to join an exclusive group of elite members and benefits from a rich lifestyle program.

Mode Pass

MŌDE PASS Utility:

  1. Private Member Chat
  2. Exclusive Club Events Access
  3. Custom Modernist Merch Drops
  4. Partner Discounts & Perks
  5. First Look on Future Roadmap
  6. Collective Decentralized Board Seat
  7. MŌDE Coin Staking
  8. IP Rights Programming
Club Mode ExampleClub Mode Example
Club Mode ExampleClub Mode Example


To clearly identify MODERNIST tiles, collect and trade successfully to build your Masterpieces, MODERNISTS are tagged with an identifier code (MSE) defining Mode, Style, Edition, visible in every corner. MSEs will be searchable in the collection catalogue to identify their owners to easily engage in fun and valuable trade relationships.



Color, Solvv, Premium, Silver, Gold, Partner, Fashion, Music, Art



Hair, Lips, Earrings, Clothes, Glasses, Hats, Background, Diamond



Exact copy of MODE and STYLE in 1 of 22 unique Editions


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